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#12641 article number: BCF001

Sandra vs Nikki - Hellcats Collide (35:08)

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Catfights (hard)

USA / Canada


panty / panty & bra


studio mats


body punching




head scissors

body scissors

leg scissors








If there ever was a contrast between two fighters it is between Nikki and Sandra. 23 year old brunette Nikki has the physique of a ballet dancer but tough and strong, while 20 year old blonde and beautiful Sandra is impressively muscled and statuesque. When they go to war it is a violent clash between two different women with impressive records and strong personalities, a combination that inevitably leads to a humiliating finish! At one point a devastating neck scissor forces one fighter to tap out, only to have her get up and rejoin the foray at the insistent and humiliating taunting of the other. Back on their feet, the flurry of punches and kicks lead to yet another painful takedown as the two women crash hard back to the mat. Eventually, the skill and determination of one fighter proves to be too much for the other. Straddling her beaten opponent she forces her crotch into her face, strangling and punching her all the while. The beaten girl visibly sobs and cries, but her oppressor doesn't relent. The facesitting and verbal humiliation that follows is great as the victor forces her foe to repeatedly apologize, beg for forgiveness, and admit that her oppressor is "the best." The two combatants collide violently and exchange painful kicks to the body and punches to the face before they wind up on the mat with a "thud," in a forceful takedown that looks like it must've hurt. With painful scissors too numerous to count, schoolboy pins, headlocks, chokes galore, and breast smothering, the wrestling action is superb and doesn't let up. Hard punches to the stomach, ribs and kidneys noticeably hurt as each battling wildcat tries to gain the upper hand and claim ultimate victory.
Nikki (BCF001)
height 174
age -
weight 64
cup size C
height 175
age -
weight 65
cup size C