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#12730 article number: PC017

Nancy Novak vs Jim - Nancy Nude... at Last! (31:47)

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Mixed Fights

USA / Canada




dressed --> nude


studio mats


facesitting (clothing)

pussy to mouth


head scissors

body scissors







United States

If you're an ass and leg man, you might not last through naughty Nancy Novak's introduction. In a pair of skin-tight black pants, this lady is a sleek and mean sex machine. Nancy, the Queen of face-sitting, knows what you want and she's got no cornpunctions about delivering. Jim thinks he can resist this lady's advances. Jim ought to give up thinking. Nancy proves it can be bad for one's health. She puts him into long, lingering head scissors and headlocks. There is great crotch to crotch action. She outmuscles him on the mat. Jim gives up. Nancy laughs. Jim says he's sorry. Nancy tells him he doesn't yet know how sorry. Nancy can't stand material between her body and Jim's face. She takes off her pants, then unfastens crotch snaps to her costume. Naked, she sits on Jim's face frontwards and backwards, then puts him into a head scissors that makes his face turn purple. Nancy's famous for her face-sitting technique, and this video tells you why. She grinds her bare ass into Jim's face while her hands grab his manhood and punch him in the stomach. This is a temfic face-sitting, female domination video featuring Nancy Novak naked for the very first time and in the face of a helpless man.
Nancy Novak
height 171
age -
weight 70
country United States
cup size B