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#12719 article number: FW195

Lee Price vs Phil (33:17)

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Mixed Fights

USA / Canada



bathing suits

apartment mats



facesitting (clothing)

Bonds / other fetish

head scissors







United States

Beautifully developed legs are the star in this video. They seem to have a mind of their own. Phil spends this entire video on the floor.

He is reduced to a quivering moaning pathetic and helpless figure, felled by a dynamite set of feet. Lee, 5' 8", 145 lbs., begins by covering Phil's face. He gets to suck her toes till she decides to slap him with the side of her foot.

She turns him over and walks on his back, then stands on his derriere. Toward the end, Lee sits on his face and locks him into a head scissors, where he is forced to take her pressure while looking at her backside.

Lee is unpredictable. One moment her touch is soft. The she turns tyrant. Phil is helpless. He takes it and wants more. Lee likes to work on Phil's stomach. She digs her heel in, then her toe, then walks on him. Her foot wanders below his waist, where it fondles his mound and moves up his crotch.
Lee Price
height 173
age -
weight 65
country United States
cup size B