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#13949 article number: PC094

Candi vs Scarlett - Carnal Passions (40:02)

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USA / Canada




bedroom bed

tit grabbing

crotch grabbing

pussy to mouth

Erotic / Lesbians

pussy eating


head scissors

body scissors










United States

Scarlett and Candi, two of the most gorgeous creatures on earth in a sensational custom video. Our collector got far more than he bargained for, as his fantasy was fulfilled and then some. Outfitted in black thigh high fish net stocking, and bare breasted, Candi is lying on her stomach in the bedroom when Scarlet enters, and proceeds to straddle Candi´s head, and rubs her crotch back and forth on both the front and back, first erotically, and then harder. After sliding down Candi´s back, Scarlett straddles her rump and continues her erotic rubbing. Next, Scarlett challenges Candi to a contest of strength, each taking turns in lifting each other, as while doing so they are erotic with each other, as they suck nipples, fondle breasts, and kiss and lick each other´s crotch. They then give each other shoulder rides, then pony rides, and piggy back rides while fondling each other´s breasts and rear ends, in very sexy fashion. Wrestling then begins to test who is the strongest, and it is turn-on with lots of face sitting, and a variety of head scissors. The loser is forced to submit to an inescapable face smother, and must lick her conquerors crotch. The victor declares herself the strongest, and forces the loser to give her an erotic should ride, as well as a pony ride, and piggy back ride. The gorgeous ladies are super turned-on to each other by now, and are fully aroused after their spirited encounter, and they rub, massage, stroke, and kiss each other. This provides each with great sexual delight, as they now taste, and hungrily enjoy each other´s pussy, and drive themselves wild. This video is an orgasmic delight, as carnal passions are satisfied to the nth degree. A magnificent video delight.

height 175
age -
weight 62
country United States
cup size C
height 172
age -
weight 64
country United States
cup size B