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#12756 article number: PC023

Blake vs Jim - A Real Bad Bitch (32:38)

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Mixed Fights

USA / Canada




dressed --> nude


furnished apartment


pussy to mouth



body scissors

leg scissors







United States

Gorgeous, sultry, sexy, big-titted Blake wants to pulverize, torture and make Jim suffer. The reason is simple: to prove once and for all, that behind her beautiful smile, lies a powerful, aggressive, skilled, and most of all, mean bitch who likes nothing better than to destroy a hated male.

Next the 5' 8", 140 lb. Blake entraps and relentlessly punishes Jim in a variety of unique and painful headscissors, as her victim's pleas only spur her on to greater fury. Blake is now naked, and her body is awesome, as she continues the onslaught. An incredible display of headscissors and face-sitting which will drive you wild, as Blake yanks her victim's head into her waiting crotch, and squeezes and sits to her heart's, and thighs' and ass' delight.

Blake is absolutely sensational as she terrorizes, and puts away Jim, in as effective and convincing a display of female dominance as you could ask for. If there has been a sexier or more punishing face-sitting than her riding, pumping, and grinding all over Jim's battered head, we haven't seen it.

A beautiful face, great tits and ass, thunder thighs, and looking so sexy in a turn-on outfit, and even better when she removes it, and Blake is on fire as she applies tortuous grapevines, hammerlocks, crushing bodyscissors, all the while ignoring Jim's cries of submission, as she ruins him.
Blake Mitchell
height 165
age -
weight 56
country United States
cup size E